Mortgage Loan Options

Fixed Rate

Prefer the security of a fixed rate and steady payments? Fixed rate mortgages may be for you.

  • Generally a more risk-averse option
  • Great payment stability
  • PMI options available for high credit scores with less than 20% down

Adjustable Rate

A fan of a generally lower initial interest rate? Take a look at adjustable rate mortgages.

  • Generally a lower initial interest rate than fixed rate options
  • Rates & payments after initial period may increase or decrease
  • Popular choice for those who don’t plan to live in home long term


FHA loans generally have attractive rates and more flexible qualification requirements.

  • Usually low minimum down payment options
  • Less stringent credit score requirements


An advantageous loan option for members of the military, veterans, reservists and National Guard members

  • Does not always require a down payment
  • Save money without the requirement of mortgage insurance
  • Various duration of service requirements


An attractive option for many rural and some suburban homebuyers.

  • Does not always require a down payment
  • Rates may be lower than 30-year fixed rates
  • More homes meet the “rural” requirement than you may think
  • Income restrictions apply


Let us specialize payment options for construction of your brand new home.

  • Interest-only payments during construction phase are available
  • Lock your interest at the start of construction
  • One-time close construction loan


We can work together to put you in the home of your dreams.

  • Minimum loan limit is $417,000
  • Available for primary residences or second homes
  • Fixed rate and adjustable rate options available


We can help you explore if you can save money by not paying monthly private mortgage insurance.

  • Can allow you to buy a more expensive home
  • Can provide significant savings over time
  • Conventional loans only

* The lender is not affiliated with FHA, VA or USDA.

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